Parents & Families

Students aren’t the only ones making an adjustment to college life—family members transition, too! While your student is completing their placement testing, advisement, and registration, families are encouraged to attend our parent and family sessions which is designed to help families understand their changing role and how to best support their student through his or her own transition.


Family member attendance is optional, but we encourage those interested to attend.

What to know before you attend SOAR

SOAR is designed to help students transition into Lincoln College and continue their process growth and development. We ask for your assistance in this endeavor by agreeing to the following:


  • Let your student take the lead in registering for a SOAR session and completing checklist items in preparing for SOAR. Doing so gets your student involved in the process and encourages personal responsibility, a trait highly beneficial for new college students.


  • Encourage your student to make decisions and take an active role at SOAR. Doing so will help your student build confidence in their decision-making skills and show them that as an independent adult, they are responsible for their own decisions.


  • Students are required to attend ALL SOAR activities and complete items on the SOAR Check-list, including register for classes. Please refrain from encouraging students to miss required SOAR activities.


  • The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (or FERPA) protects students’ privacy and grants them the right to view and share their own educational records (like grades, transcripts, disciplinary records, class schedules, etc.). Under this law, higher education institutions may not disclose education records to anyone other than the student — including parents and family members.These restrictions are often frustrating to family members, particularly to those paying college bills. Rather than seeing these restrictions as obstacles to helping your student, we encourage you to view them as an opportunity to have mature, important discussions with your student.


  • Family members are not permitted to attend placement testing, academic advising and registration activities with their student during SOAR. Relationships between academic advisors and students are essential to their success, and we begin the development of this relationship at SOAR.
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